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Who is Mike Lee to threaten NZ Bus?


Chairman Lee threatens one party in Auckland bus dispute. Adam presumes that if NZ Bus agree a deal, Chairman Lee will not allow NZ Bus to recoup any extra cost, but will force NZ Bus to accept the costs. After all that is what socialists do.

Why does Auckland keep electing Mike Lee?

Why is it acceptable for him to threaten NZ Bus?

Why is he not putting pressure on the union?

  1. Ewan Cole permalink
    13/10/2009 14:05

    His Worship Lee, the new wannabe mayor of the super city… I guess any publicity is good publicity… Got a point though – breaking contractual obligations, maybe Zane Fulljames should have done his homework before carrying out his petulant retaliation


  2. 13/10/2009 06:16

    Why is it acceptable for him to threaten NZ Bus?

    Gee, I dunno – maybe it’s because they’re refusing to provide the service he’s paying them for?

    Why is he not putting pressure on the union?

    A range of reasons. Some are minor ones, like:

    * it’s a lockout, ie it’s the employer on strike, not the union; or

    * there isn’t really any pressure he can put on bus drivers for for the “offence” of working to their employer’s own rules;

    but I’m picking the main reason is the glaringly obvious one that he doesn’t have a business relationship with the union in which he’s paying it for a service it’s quite deliberately refusing to provide.


  3. 13/10/2009 03:55

    I do find it interesting those who care so much about the bus drivers are the same who wouldn’t want a fare increase or an increase in rates to pay for it – it’s the usual Marxist drivel about “the bosses and the owners piling away a fortune”


  4. pdm permalink
    12/10/2009 20:11

    Why is he not putting pressure on the unions.

    Silly question really Adam – union members vote for him.


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