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Adam’s Winner of the Week


This has proved a bit more difficult to judge this week. Phil Goff was a possibility, mainly becauuase he has not put his foot in his mouth, but as well for his bi-partisan behaviour over trade and with the US.

Then there was Pita Sharples who in many ways continues to run rings in a PR sense around National.

At the end of the day though, the winner has to be John Key although with some reservations over political management, but his clear public standing and poll ratings make him a winner.

So John Key is Adam’s Winner of the Week.

But JK we need you to stamp your foot firmly on the throat of the government and be in control, there are too many loose cannons.

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  1. mawm permalink
    18/10/2009 09:40

    Pita Sharples can no longer be considered as a winner now that his meeting with the gangs has come out.


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