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I want a certificate too


Apparently if you do not like Michael Laws or disagree with him, you now qualify for a certificate.

Please Mr Joris de Bres, Adam draws your attention to these posts regarding Mr Laws. Adam wants a certificate.

Or do you have to be of a particular ethnicity to qualify?

Adam thought that in a free society people were entitled to have a wide range of opinions. Adam did not realise that today in NZ that if you had opinions Mr de Bres approves of you got a certificate.

Voltaire once wrote, it is said:-

I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it

The rewarding of these children with a certificate for attacking Mr Laws, because that is what this certificate amounts to sets a very dangerous precedent. It goes completely against the spirtit and ethos of Voltaire’s statement. Mr de Bres is behaving in an Orwellian manner as he is clearly seeking to send a message as to what he sees as acceptable as opposed to what a free society sees as acceptable.

Adam does not agree with much of what Laws says, but accepts that in a free society Laws is free to say and believe what he wants, as is Mr de Bres. At the same time the schoolchildren in Otaki are entitled to their views and opinions and to promote them as they see fit.

However, Adam does not see Mr de Bres as entitled to throw a perceived umbrella of state approval over these childrens’ views, if indeed they are theirs, to the detriment of Mr Laws. Both sets of views are able to be expressed in a free society.

It seems that as Race Relations Commissioner Mr de Bres is now promoting one view only and adding to race difficulties and not resolving them. Why is de Bres allowed to make these political statements and clearly act in ways which are detrimental to free speech.

It would seem that in Mr de Bres world free speech is what he approves of and not free at all, because that is the message he sends , whatever he might claim.

  1. 27/10/2009 08:13

    One presumes that Joris de Bres is preparing the ground for a transition to the 2011 Labour Party list, in the same manner as his predecessor, Rajan Prasad.


  2. 24/10/2009 20:05

    “The rewarding of these children with a certificate for attacking Mr Laws”.

    Nope.. you’ll never get the certificate unless you understand what it was *really* for..

    The girls “out victimed” Laws.

    Forget their original rudeness inspired by their teacher, they won because Laws predictably fired back in a way that allowed them to claim victimhood; and de Bres got involved because his office is about searching for victims who fit the buzzwords.. children, female and Maori in this case.



  3. 24/10/2009 18:38

    Not getting a certificate like this may be regarded more of an honour than getting one.


    • 24/10/2009 19:07


      There should be no certificate.

      Why is this Orwellian personage allowed to behave like this?


  4. Lucy permalink
    24/10/2009 18:37

    Well put Adam.


  5. Allan permalink
    24/10/2009 16:40

    Mr De Bres is a waste of space in a position that should not even exist. A parasite sucking off the long suffering tax payer. His opinions are not even worth the paper that they are printed on.


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