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Upper Hutt Farmers Market


A lovely sunny Sunday in Lower Hutt, so Mr & Mrs Smith got out their fossil fuel consuming conveyance (car to the sane amongst us) and visited the new Upper Hutt Farmers Market, Russell Street, Upper Hutt every Sunday from 9 to 1.00 p.m. Public transport was not a practical alternative, unfortunately.

This is a brand new venture, in fact today was the first occasion the market has been open. Few stalls as yet, but as the market becomes better known no doubt more stalls will arrive.

Products available include pork and bacon from The Bacon Station, Indian pickles from Rose’s Pickles, Jams and chutneys from Martinborough Manner and an interesting range of honey and honey based drinks from Bees Blessing. Saffron and olive oil from Greytown Gold are available as well.

The market has a web site and a blog. Adam would suggest that the blog be updated and a facility for comment and feedback be enabled.

In addition he suggests the team behind the venture consider a Twitter link so they can tweet news about the market to potential customers.

Suggestions based on the initial visit:-

  • get a baker to attend with bread, rolls etc
  • find an additional meat products stall with speciality meat products, perhaps somebody who goes to Riverbank on a Saturday and not to Te Papa/Chaffers on a Sunday

Congratulations though to all concerned

  1. 02/11/2009 17:06

    Hi there,

    I’m so glad to see your review and thank you very much for your support and coming along to be a part of our first market day.

    You can follow us on Twitter:

    The blog on our web site is a feed from Livejournal and can be followed and commented on there:

    Or you can leave comments on our photos on our flickr pages:

    We look forward to growing our Farmers’ Market and towards many more lovely days like last Sunday. Thanks again for your support and see you next time!



  2. huttnz permalink
    01/11/2009 16:37

    Went to the Farmers Market myself and left my run to late to see the throngs. But had an interesting talk to the organisers instead. They do have a twitter account at, and by all accounts today was a great success with more potential suppliers coming. Only $30 for a stall if you meet the criteria.



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