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Some in Maori Party defend Harawira


It would seem that Hone Harawira may not be the only person harbouring rather odd views in the Maori Party.

Retired judge Hekia Hingston,Maori Party co-vice president, appeared to defend Harawira yesterday.

The former judge said Harawira’s day trip to Paris was just “bad timing”. Conveniently overlooking the fact that Harwira was delegation leader and that he was funded to go to Brussels for parliamentary business and not to Paris for a jolly. Seems a peculiar view for a former judge, after all some might say that Haraiwra was gulity of misusing public funds.

Then the good judge went on to say:-

“There is a Maori way of seeing things and a Pakeha way,” said Hingston, who played down the prospect of serious disciplinary action by the party.

Ah so that means Maori can abuse Pakeha, but no doubt the former judge would be horrified if white people started abusing brown people, especially Maori. Racism is OK provided it is by Maori, that is what Mr Hingston seems to be suggesting.

No doubt Mr Hingston thinks Harawira should not be disciplined at all.

Yet again we see double standards applying in this country.

Adam reckons, as seen with his quote for the day, that former Waitangi Tribunal director Buddy Mikaere summed it up well.

  1. Ratu Tibble permalink
    09/11/2009 21:38

    I dont think Maori will ever forgive Pakeha crimes against Maori. And the abuse continues. There is a difference ‘white crimes’ versus ‘Maori crimes’. More prison beds for more Maori. I guess it is called Maori economic development, and it is not that Maori are brown. It is that Maori are schitzophrenic. Maori suffer from dual personalities which I call the ‘symbiotic’ effect. An effort to please both sides of the coin. At times one and at times the other. Parliament is the source of white crime against Maori. And Hone continues to witness this in Parliament – the double standards of the politician can be frustrating for Maori Parliamentarians. Hone Harawira
    s email to Buddy Mikaere is a private letter. Mikaere chose to make it public under challenge from Harawira. It is Hone’s private view still held to be the truth with many Maori. The Seabed and Foreshore debacle is enough to turn any Maori raw. A long lineage of travesties.


    • Calc permalink
      20/11/2009 09:21

      Ratu, A more rambling and nonsensical justification for this Harawiras words would be hard to find. I would think that the fact this family have been found to have violently abused some of their own peoples most at risk folk, would discount them from ever having an opinion anyone would listen to. This ‘family’ and I’m afraid i have to use the word loosely, is led by a violent offender (his mother), the cycle of paranoia, self loathing and lack of ever having had consequences for any of their actions, are the mantra of a mentally unstable, poorly educated, unemployable bunch of lifes losers. They lack the bravery to meet challenges everyday people have to, be a functioning part of society, work at an ordinary job that isn’t subsidese by wome work schem or another, being an actually respectful role model for their kids. If they fail, it was always someone elses fault, if they succeed, its despite the white man trying to bring them down. Morons, every single one of them. My Maori wife and children, university educated professional people that they are, have succeeded because they are smart and are productive members of society through their own choices. I’m afraid that the Harawiras are just very very limited people and I feel sorry for them.


  2. Big Al of NZ permalink
    09/11/2009 10:02

    Ah, the delightful Hone Harawira,
    let my memory serve me…
    yes, now, I think it’s all coming back.
    Didn’t he and his mother Titiwhai violently run a Maori Mental Health unit at the old Carrington Hospital circa 1990? And they got caught beating the patients, so it was disbanded, by the old AAHB (Auckland Area Health Board). On the AAHB was one Dr Peter Davis, of Auckland, whose wife was Helen Clark, then minister of health.

    Roll forward.
    A vengeful Titewhai reduces the PM Helen to tears. Not something the heavily-scripted and stage-managed Helen was expecting. So she cried. Then stayed away the next year.
    Utu served.
    Roll on a year, and it was all hugs and kisses between the vitriolic Matriarch of the North and the control-freak PM Helen.

    So, a charming manipulative lot, the Harawiras, and they LOVE the 80% or so of NZers who are not of their hue.

    Hone doesn’t like us m***********g whiteys?
    Well, he should learn his history. His influential Northern forebears sought out a Treaty with Britain. Some of them had, ironically, visited Europe and saw the writing on the wall. And they thought the smart money was with Victoria. Seems they spent their northern hemisphere time more wisely than tiki-tours to gay Paris..

    Hone should be glad he has the vote, and isn’t speaking French.

    Or Japanese…


    • Tino Real permalink
      09/11/2009 12:15

      Ah yes indeed the Harawira whanau ….. Hone has managed to hide his self loathing of m……f… whiteys since being elected to Parliament however the thin veneer has slipped and what is standard conversation amongst this whana – young and old has become public.
      I speak from experience of being one who had the unfortunate experience of being associated with them as part of the Kura Kaupapa Whanau of Hoani Waititi. Hone must have forgotten that he descends from these very people! Titewhai’s own father was himself a whitey of the highest order~~ so i find it interesting that he can so openly dis his own ancestors. How ignorant of him How shameful.
      Then again, self control isn’t something the Harawira’s are noted for. Despite Titewhais self deluded belief that they are all beautiful and are above reproach experience would tell us otherwise.
      A dysfunctional family of the highest order. Assault charges abound amongst the older males and sister Hinewhare, some against politicians( which don’t cound int their books)_some against their partners, and many non prosecuted cases against their own children. The most recent by brother Arthur who sexually violated and assaulted a young female partner last year in Kaikohe!!1 tragic
      Sad sad cases of Hone’s Drug/alcohol effected neices and nephews who struggle to live up to their parents/grandmothers beauviours. Tragic events of Two youth suicide amongst them. Neices and nephnews imprisoned for assault in the recent years and on the tragedies go.

      where does it end?

      Well according to Hone it just how families are and he’s not that concerned by it all … well Hone its not how not our whanau exist and probably not many of the readers of this posting will read.

      The best thing Hone can do is leave parliament and invest a bit of energy in his OWN whanau…as theirs plenty of mahi to be done their amongst


  3. 08/11/2009 15:18

    I’ve worked closely with Aborigines in remotes areas, with Africans in what used to be Rhodesia and in Mozambique and Angola, with Asians in Cambodia and I can say without a shadow of doubt that the most racist people I’ve known are Maori.
    Not necessarily overtly racist, but they seem to view everything through the lens of ‘brown-ness’. Three years living in the Far North confirmed that for me.
    I have no doubt that Harawira’s attitude is by no means unusual in the Maori Party and among it’s supporters.


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