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Quotation of the Day, Monday 9 November


“There is a Maori way of seeing things and a Pakeha way,” said Hingston, who played down the prospect of serious disciplinary action by the party.

Hekia Hingston – co -president of Maori Party, who appears to defend Hone Harawira. Mr Hingston appears not to understand that this is not Maori v Pakeha,. This is just a revulsion by the many at the disgraceful and repellent remarks by Maori MP – Hone Harawira.

  1. 10/11/2009 06:31

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  2. mawm permalink
    09/11/2009 18:05

    Mr Hingston – racism is racism no matter what way you try to dress it up, and now you have also shown your true colours.


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