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Harawira thinks ‘Phil Goff should be shot’


At the end of an interview with Willie Jackson on Radio Waatea, Hone Harawira after an aplogy which was not an apology then went on to say:-

Harawira: “I’m about to hammer Labour again, over Phil Goff saying I should be suspended, you know, from politics – the cheek of the bastard…”

Jackson: “Careful.”

Harawira: “Him and his mates, no seriously, him and his mates are responsible for the passing of a piece of legislation described as the single largest land nationalization statute in the history of Aotearoa. Now if I should be suspended for swearing, him and his mates should be lined up against the wall and shot,” Harawira said.

Yet earlier today we saw numbers of representatives of Maoridom defending Harawira on quite specious and spurious  grounds. The man appears to have no commonsense.

Singlehandedly he is dealing major blows to race relations in NZ, but perhaps that is what he wants to do. Perhaps he truly is one of the ‘haters and wreckers’.

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