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Quotation for Today, Tuesday 17 November


I think this is a good test for the Maori Party in determining its maturity and the changing role it’s got. The party came in as a one-issue party. Now, being a party of government, it’s got wider responsibilities and this could be the making of it.”

While it was essential to be aware of the grievances Mr Harawira had raised and their impact on the lives of today’s Maori, he believed both sides now acknowledged those things happened in the past.

“I think he’s making it quite clear he’s not going to change and if that’s the case, and those are the views he holds, I don’t think he’s suitable to be an MP.”

Buddy Mikaere as quoted in today’s NZ Herald on the Hone Harawira issue

  1. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    17/11/2009 09:19

    To my mind much of this stoush has had, from the beginning, a familiar feel to it; that of a manufactured incident, as per the Peters scenario.

    To the Harawiras who thrive, it seems to me, on picking the scab of the past looking backwards suits their purposes. Thus progress and acceptance are inimical to their interests. They remind me of Osama bin Laden with his references to the Crusades, the Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland to whom Cromwell, King Billy etc are as real today as centuries ago and of course the Serbs and their attachment to Kosovo related to a battle 600 years ago.

    Such people will never be reconciled to progress, especially when supported by ludicrous editorials as that of the other day in The NZ GetsWorseDaily.


  2. 17/11/2009 08:41

    At the moment Hone’s career and current problems bear a close resemblance to Winston’s earlier maverick career with National. All thats needed is for Hone to take the independent route over a tailormade issue, and thats this proposed deal of Nat/MP over the ETS and forestry.. from memory theres very little in it for Nga Puhe and certainly nothing in it for the tax payer.

    Hone could ride this issue and become a hero overnight.



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