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Clark seeks world domination


Fran O’Sullivan writes in her Herald column about one Helen Clark and how:-

Helen Clark is leading the push to extract financial reparations from “rich countries” – like New Zealand – for the damage climate change has wrought to poorer nations.

Just months into her new role as administrator of the UN Development Programme, Clark seized on the potential for “climate finance” to bolster the diminishing funds the UN has to splash about on assisting developing countries

Hell whyNew Zealand, countries like Singapore and Slovenia are wealthier than us.

Clark is aiming to control a huge pool of money:-

While the UN Climate chief Yvo de Boer tells journalists rich countries must “put at least US$10 billion a year on the table” to help poor nations cope with the effects of climate change, Clark says the annual figure should be US$75 billion to US$100 billion. She believes “climate finance” has the potential to replace official development assistance.

Just think of all the Swiss bank accounts many officials in corrupt regimes will be able to fill with all that aid.

Just think of all the power that would give Clark!

Fran O’Sullivan goes on:-

First, the UN’s own record on administering development funds has not always been snow-white.

Second, accountability is lacking in many poor countries.

Frankly, donor nations, like New Zealand, should put the acid on Clark to ensure any “climate finance” they stump up is project-related.

The fact is the “big C” that has really stymied development in many poorer countries is not “climate change” but “corruption”.

Hear, hear. Yet still grants are given and nothing happens.

O’Sullivan notes that yet another set of nonsense has found its way onto the CarbonHagen agenda, aided and abetted by the usual suspects:-

But the notion of “eco debt” has crept its way onto the official UN agenda. Terms like “emissions debt”, “equitable burden sharing”, “historical climate debt” and “a more equitable utilisation of the global atmospheric resources” pepper the official text of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

What a load of rubbish.

Apparently the Clark political machine is going full blast as well:-

A welter of recent articles (particularly in Africa) portray Clark as having been a strong international and domestic leader on climate change before she took up her UN role

Not a lot of truck with reality in the world the UNDP head lives in.

Fran O’Sullivan notes:-

how many western Governments are going to step up to the plate and fund Clark’s US$100 billion of annual climate penance, when their own countrymen are feeling the pinch and the political leaders worry they will face voter wrath if they can’t sell the rationale for reducing domestic greenhouse emissions?

Though Gordon Brown and the EU are putting up some money, but this seems more to do with Gordo’s desire to strut on the world stage, as UK probably does not have the money.

The purpose behind it all

If Clark can swing this one – she’s probably a sitter for the next UN Secretary-General.

Heaven forfend!

  1. 14/12/2009 12:44

    She is succeeding where Russia could not. Simple as that.

    Time for NZ to be first again…

    Old fashioned Left/Right politics is failing us, New Zealand.
    Nats, Labour, Labour Nats. Like the rest of the world, we have done that. It is taking us backwards.
    Financially. Morally.

    Time for a step up.
    Lets get there first.

    New Zealand, this is our time.
    First to give women the vote.
    First to Everest.
    Isn’t it time we evolved to the next stage of politics?


    Freedom to fail, freedom to succeed.
    Put government in its rightful place:
    Protecting our rights and our property.
    And thats all.

    Lets take back responsibility.

    Prosperity. Decision making back in your hands.
    Stop expecting the Government to solve our problems for us.
    Government has BECOME the problem.


  2. 14/12/2009 10:38

    Did anyone see the UNDP staffer fall asleep during one of her speeches?


  3. pdm permalink
    13/12/2009 22:27

    New Zealand was heading towards `a sort of prosperity’ in early 1999 hamstrung by the limitations of MMP. Then along came 9 years of a Clark led Government which turned it all around by making familes earning $100,000 income into beneficiaries with WFF and pointing New Zealand towards third world status.

    Do not let that woman anywhere near UN coffers – or does she have her hand in the till already.


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