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Why bother?


Looking at the news and what passes for media in NZ, one is tempted to say why bother.

So much trivia.

Increasingly the news especially on state owned TVNZ is full of fluff and promos for other programmes.

Their so-called ‘current affairs’ shows are womens magazine trivia

TV3’s Campbell LIve is programmed by a ratings obsessed Aussie who sees quality as a dirty word and hesded by the unctuous Uriah Heep of NZ media – John Campbell

The radio is either Radio Left Wing, especially Kim Hill, taxpayer subisdised or racist/ill informed talkback eg Newstalk ZB or the derisory Radio Live

Government wants to save money – sell TVNZ and close down NZ on Air

  1. JeffW permalink
    17/02/2010 10:55

    Absolutely agree. The problem, however, is that much of the population does not see it as the populist entertainment that it is. How can we succeed as a nation when our main “news sources” are away with the fairies? John Key’s mining shares or the country borrowing too much every week to employ “civil servants” who job it is to stop the rest of us leading productive lives; let’s go for the easy/left wing pickings. Nonsense.


  2. 17/02/2010 09:45

    Cracker – re your last bit; that can probably be explained that the current crop of TV commentators (in particular Doull, McMillan and Mills) are products of the tabloid society. They sell their private lives to the tabloids and women’s magazines, so it is inevitable that they start to think and speak that way.

    Interestingly, when I was at the post shop getting the mail a few minutes ago, I looked at the women’s mags in the basket by the counter. Which one had sold the most? New Idea, with the Ali is a Dyke story. Sadly, there is a market for this meaningless drivel.


  3. 16/02/2010 20:27

    I realised on reading this that I spend more time watching Fox and BBC News than I do our own. I pondered this briefly and then realised why. You outlined it perfectly above. I don’t think I’ve watched either One or 3 news since Christmas. I’m also starting to seethe at the tabloid/shallow commentary of our cricket TV talking heads….


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