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Is ‘white gold’ toxic?


Karl du Fresne writes on the need to consider the damage that dairying is doing to our environment in many places.

An excellent piece, not a polemic against dairy farming but raising valid questions over whether the rush into dairy conversions in some parts of the country is appropriate.

The points over aquifer depletion are especially relevant.

Is the so called ‘white gold’ toxic? Are the results perhaps worse than mining? Should we not be managing resources more appropriately?

This is not being green, but rather recognizing a need for balance.

Furthermore, is the number of conversions influenced by the fact that the capital structure of Fonterra is inappropriate?

In the medium term might dairy, rather than mining be far more damaging to NZ 100% Pure than mining?

Considering the above is it possible that dairy farming is:-

  • a threat to the tourism industry?
  • a threat to our water supplies, both:-
    • quality
    • quantity
  • an economic risk which is not understood by many?

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