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Just a thought, but


Adam hopes that all these anti-whaling people make sure:-

  • they do not use Japanese cars either their own or other peoples
  • avoid working for companies that do business with Japan
  • do not use Japanese cameras
  • do not use electronics made by, or containing components where the circuitry is made by japanese owned companies
  • do not use Japanese photo-copiers

After all would that not be giving economic support to the enemy and we would not want to do that would we!

Adam hopes as well that those who are against mining go without, at a minimum:-

  • modern electronics as they contain mined minerals in many instances
  • walk everywhere as cars/buses/trains involve mined substances
  • do not fly for similar reasons

After all if they do not, then are they not guilty of NIMBYism at the very least

  1. alex Masterley permalink
    06/04/2010 08:52

    Points well made!


  2. Mark permalink
    05/04/2010 21:49

    I concur.



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