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Adam is sick and tired of….


1 All those people bemoaning the end of Sunrise and ASB Business on TV3, especially as he suspects they did not watch the programmes in question

2 Jon Johansson’s implausible hair style as he appeared on Q & A this morning

3 Bomber Bradbury and his increasingly bizarre rants

4 Winston Peters and his mutterings from the crypt

5 The lackadaisical attitude shown to public money by some public servants, for example that attributed to Mr James Wiki, by The Dominion Post, this week in connection with possible losses by Capital and Coast Health

6 Andrew Williams harping on about media persecution

7 Auckland traffic and the length of time it takes to get to the airport

8 Redneck talkback radio as personified by 2 ZB

9 The fact that Radio NZ staff always seem to be on holiday. Having had a long Christmas break, Adam notes that Kim Hill is on holiday and someone was filling in for her on the Saturday show

10 The inability of many entities to programme their voicemail systems so that you can actually talk to a human being

11 Increasingly irritating Drive Safely adverts, especially the “it’s in the Blood’ ones

12 Incessant ads on TVNZ for Masterchef NZ, showing Ray McVinnie holding forth

13 Michael Laws and his views

14 The Roman Caholic Church and the way in which it seeks to avoid confronting the issues of responsibility, especially at the top, for abuse of all kinds by priests. After all this is a belief system in which all eyes look to Rome and the Pope for leadership and direction, so surely accountability flows from the top

15 The Waihopai 3 and their constant whining about their moral superiority.

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