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Adam is sick and tired of….


1. Brian Rudman and his moaning columns in the NZ Herald

2. Light bulbs that do not last

3. Eco-bulbs that take forever to light up the room.

4. Hotels that suggest re-using towels to save water/the planet when it is really a margin improvement measure

5. Air NZ droning on about re-cycling and now asking you to divide your rubbish into categories

6. Grey Power and their constant negativity

7. Those who hanker for the return of Winston Peters

8. Catholic prelates who blame the Jews for the current wave of critical reports about the way the Vatican handled child abuse by priests and others

9. Gareth Morgan and his pontificating on everything.

10. Reading about ‘Party Central’ and why there should be one. Who cares

11. The Super 14 competition, does anyone really take any real interest in it anymore

14. Not getting 100% in The Dominion POst weekly political quiz

15. Not even winning a bonus line at Lotto recently

One Comment
  1. 16/04/2010 17:11


    Cheer up! It’s Friday.

    You know that only DPF gets 100% in that quiz.

    Those in Grey Power do not have many positives going for them at their age.

    And that Lazarus will be a force to be reckoned with. Although some do not not wish to admit it.

    Chin up, old man!

    ps I did get a bonus line…


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