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Adam is sick and tired of……


1. Jim Anderton – the Real Nowhere Man

2. Software that is buggy and unresponsive

3. The fact that his blog looks wrong in IE Explorer

4. Broadband that goes slow and unresponsive

5. Facebook applications that do not work

6. Wowsers, especially Geoffrey Palmer

7.Xenophobes who see foreigners especially Chinese as alien predators

8. Blame shifter Jane Diplock

9. Lousy media, who cares if Willie Apiata was in business class on his flight

10. Terry Serepisos

11. Sam Morgan and his tax angst

12. Roger Douglas, another one of yesterday’s men like Anderton

13. NZ Champions in sports nobody gives a toss about

14. Theresa Gattung and her bloody book

15. Shortsightedness of farmers over funding wool research

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