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Adam is sick and tired of…..


1. Trevor Mallard moaning about Ann Tolley

2. Actresses with political views, especially Lucy Lawless and Robyn Malcolm

3. Not knowing all the answers to the DomPost political quizz

4. Sainsbury and Campbell

5. Manufactured TV news

6. The excessive outpourings over the unfortunate death of the 3 RNZAF men on ANZAC Day

7 . Justin Bieber, whoever he might be

8. The dawning of the age of Nick Clegg

9. Nick Smith and his blethering over the ETS

10. Public subsidy of the modern equivalent of the colesseums of Ancient Rome – the likes of Eden Park and the new Dunedin stadium

11. Reality TV

12. Adverts for Fair Go promising the ‘Real Juice’

13. Len Brown

14. Tripe in any form

15. Waste in government, especially all the quangos

  1. Allan permalink
    01/05/2010 11:20

    I could not have put this better myself. Wonderful comment. Trouble will all those who we are sick and tired of listen and just shut up.


  2. alex Masterley permalink
    01/05/2010 09:02

    I’m sick of being sick…


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