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Racism in NZ

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The furore over Haden’s rather silly remarks got Adam thinking about racism in NZ. Then there was Helen Clark’s reported assessment, supposedly conveyed to Sir Ian McKellen, that NZ is deeply racist.

NZ is racist in all sorts of ways. The rampant dislike by many of ‘Asian’s, though Adam has yet to meet an Asian, he has met Cambodians, Chinese, Thai, Indians amongst others.. The great majority of whom are just as pleasant and normal as anybody else. Yet somehow Asians cop it more than most.

Then of course there is the officially sanctioned racism. The constant promotion of one ethnic group above all others. Maori.

An interesting point Adam notes is that so many of those who abhor Haden’s remarks seem to be the same ones who promote racism in sport, especially Rugby, with their promotion of the need for a Maori Rugby team. A team selected on ethnicity. The Maori Party are prime offenders in this respect.

NZ is slowly but surely creating more and more racial tension and animosity with policies and benefits based on race.

Racism, especially officially sanctioned racism is endemic, but we deny it and say it is about helping the disadvantaged. Bull shit. As the saying has it, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Oh and why can Hone harawira disparage whites and get away with it, when Haden is reviled. Harawira in many respects appears to be far more racist.

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  1. pdm permalink
    02/06/2010 22:33

    Very well said Adam.


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