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Vagrant spotted in Parnell


Pete Hodgson has been seen in Parnell. A report has been received that he has been seen checking the dustbins and waste bins at Antoine’s Restaurant, looking for the H-fee, unfortunately he has only found offal and old T-bones. At least he has been on a protein diet.

Neighbours report that the gibbering wreck of  a failed politician has been shipped to Hillside for a complete rebuild to national standards and that any suggestions that he has a single track mind are narrow gauge . Indeed, friends have suggested ( Trevor Mallard) that such suggestions mean they are off their tolley.

Rumours that Mr Hodgson had made a reservation at Antoines and then not turned up, are untrue. After all there no credit card receipts to the contrary.

  1. Adolf Fiinkensein permalink
    17/07/2010 17:40

    Well done Adam.

    My my, that Hodgkinson fellow gets around. Why, only the other day he was up there in Helensville, helping the cops fingerprint some hit and run driver but his hands were shaking so much they got his prints instead. Seems he’ll be away for some time, until his old cull ewe mates King, Dyson and Dalzeil along with the dog tucker ram Mallard come along tobail him out – if they make it, that is.



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