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Therese Arseneau


This lady is an academic often seen on TVNZ, usually on Q & A, except when supplanted by the hairstyle known as Johannsson.

This last weekend Ms Arseneau, when asked by Paul Holmes for her views on the issue of the week did not follow panellists Bob Harvey and Kerry Ptrendergast in naming Chris Carter.

No, Arseneau correctly and bravely struck out for a real issue – yet another baby murder by a ‘parent’.

This issue was the ignored for the rest of the programme.

Again and again we see children murdered in this country by parents, family members and others.

It is not Sue Bradford’s fault, it is the fault of dysfunctional, badly educated people pandered to by society.

NZ has spent billions in welfare and still we have major problems.

Money cannot be the issue, attitude is

  1. sig permalink
    02/08/2010 21:58

    Therese was spot on there, but the best academic commentator on NZ TV in recent years was Paul Buchanan, in no small part because he had real life experience outside of the ivory halls and he did not play according to the talking head script. What became of him after the Auckland Uni railroading? I thought he was reinstated.


  2. Rossette permalink
    02/08/2010 20:31

    Good post.I was also annoyed and shocked at the way Paul Holmes so glibly ignored Therese’s spot-on comment. It seems our murdered children matter not, while the antics of the Labour party and co are much more important. How sad is that? No it’s not Bradford’s fault, but her much loathed anti smacking nonsense hasn’t stopped the rot at all, nor the deaths. As with the midwifery scene in NZ, there is too much emphasis on process, and not enough on outcome. CYFS keep bending over backwards to keep at-risk kids in dysfunctional and dangerous families. Why?


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