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Rampant Maori racism


Hone Harawira reveals himself as a racist. Then Dr Pita Sharples is reported as follows:-

Dr Sharples, whose father was English, said Mr Harawira was entitled to his own view but it was not that of the party.

Mr Harawira’s comments were not racist and probably reflected how a lot of people thought, Dr Sharples said.

“I think it’s just not divisive at all. It’s a view point.”

Hone is openly a racist based on his comments. At least he has the courage of his convictions, whilst Adam despises those views he accepts that Hone has, in a free society a right to state them. That right extends as well to people who disagree with Hone, so let us not hear condemmnation of people who demonstrate against Harawira’s racist views. though we will because Hone is Maori and thus entitled in our PC NZ world to be racist.

The real problem would appear to be the closet racist Dr Sharples who sees no apparent problem with Hone’s racist views.

Lest there be any misunderstanding Adam abhors all racism, yellow, brown, black, white whatever.

In 2010 to read the comments attributed to Sharples is totally abhorrent. He should be stood down for his comments. If this was the US he would be gone-burger.

In NZ we tolerate it would appear racism, but only if it comes from Maori, because in PC NZ by definition only whites are racist.

Clearly racism is rampant in NZ and condoned and endorsed by the Minister of Maori Affairs. Where is a condemnatory statement by the Race Relations Commissioner; Missing, as he looks for an excuse to praise Sharples and Harawira.

John Key if he had any spine would request the Maori Party to sack Harawira and discipline racist Sharples.

  1. adam2314 permalink
    04/08/2010 14:44

    Yes, I find racial prejudice abhorent.

    Can’t stand Spicks or Spades either :-))


  2. Jeff permalink
    04/08/2010 10:00

    I have no problem with my children marrying Maori ar any other race for that matter[not quite so sure about Australians] but I an damn sure that I don’t want them to marry any of the Harawira offspring !!!!

    What does that make me ?


    • adamsmith1922 permalink*
      05/08/2010 17:56

      Sensible, you wouldn’t want madness in your family! Anyway he might be part Welsh and then where would you be? (Joke)


  3. 03/08/2010 19:53

    I’m sure Sharples would defend my right to free speech if I said I’d hate my sons to marry Maoris.
    insert Tui ad here


    • adamsmith1922 permalink*
      05/08/2010 17:57

      In many ways Sharples is more corrosive than Hone. Sharples appears reasonable, but in fact is rather manipulative and divisive by stealth


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