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PEDA #5 – Government reverses prior position


Readers may remember my posts about PEDA, commencing with this one, which suggested:-

Labour associate Pacific Islands spokesman Su’a William Sio may well be onto something with his dogged pursuit of Georgina te Heuheu over a proposed contract with a small and apparently untested company, proposing to upskill Pacific Islanders

Furthermore, it appeared that Ms te Heuheu may have been the patsy for Bill English.

Later posts were on June 18, June 21 and July 2. In the July 2 post Adam pointed out how in the main the MSM had paid little attention to this matter.

As noted then:-

A bit of Open Government to demonstrate that all is above board and that there are clear and valid reasons for PEDA to be appointed with strong and effective monitoring arrangements, coupled with a programme of work which will meet well defined and appropriate objectives would do much to dispel the unease felt by observers.

Well in today’s NZ Herald, an article by Simon Collins, Adam read:

Critics of a “back-door” Government deal to give $4 million to a little-known company for Pacific economic development say they have been vindicated by a decision to hold an open tender for the money.

Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs head Dr Colin Tukuitonga has announced that the tender will seek proposals to “build skills, qualifications and entrepreneurship amongst young Pacific peoples”.

Pacific Economic Development Agency Ltd (Peda), wholly owned by former ministry official JR Pereira, will be invited to bid again for the money but will now have to compete against other bidders.

So it would appear that commonsense has now prevailed. Furthermore, Dr Tukuitonga, Pacific Island Ministry CEO is quoted as saying:-

the ministry decided to seek competing bids because there were still “major concerns” with Peda’s plan. “The proposal for upskilling is what other groups have been doing for years.”

So questions still remain:-

1 Why was PEDA selected originally? Especially as ‘major concerns‘ exist regarding the PEDA plan

2 Why was this not put out to tender in the first place?

3 Who decided to change the plan and go to tender now?

4 Who was really responsible for promoting PEDA?

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