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A cunning plan?


As Baldrick was wont to say, and as Jane Clifton postulates in her most recent column:-

Now that would be interesting.

  1. 29/08/2010 12:53

    Tolley heading these gormless attack on education is bad enough but to have Hide in there brutalising our children’s futures is not even mildly amusing.
    Tolley’s failure is major.
    The mire she has created is deepening and becoming seriously sticky for her and Key.


  2. pdm permalink
    28/08/2010 08:15

    Sounds like a good idea to me. Tolley needs someone to shut Mallard up and then deal to the unions. Tolley can concentrate on the technical stuff.


  3. 27/08/2010 19:48

    The Government could sick (sic) Steven Joyce..”

    Ain’t the English language wonderful 🙂

    But the big question is.. will Tolley cede anything to a brute like Hide? At the moment he’s safely bottled up beating bottled(?) blundering blondes .. but could this extend to blacks and brunettes?



  4. alex Masterley permalink
    27/08/2010 18:31

    You cynical ……!

    Mind you having thought about Mr Key ain’t called the smiling assasin for nothing.


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