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Quotation for Today, Thursday 16 September


Some people just can’t get past their personal political bias.

I don’t support ACT in the slightest but lets at least have a bit of balance. The Greens Sue Bradford loudly proclaimed that she was very “proud” of her criminal convictions. She was a spokesperson on everything during the Labour/Greens term of office.

Many Greens, and indeed some MP’s from other parties, support the liberalized use of illegal drugs. So they are actually encouraging people to gain criminal convictions. Not sure about Hone and the gang, but I get the feeling criminal convictions wouldn’t cause them much loss of sleep. Well it wouldn’t be a crime I guess – just the fault of past grievances. And what about Trev Mallard ?

Must be a very slow news day.

A Vox Pop comment at the NZ Herald on the David Garrett issue

  1. 16/09/2010 15:34

    Daft comment.


    • adamsmith1922 permalink*
      16/09/2010 17:45


      Not mine, but a sample of what many are saying – I do not happen to agree with it, but it reflects what many believe, like it or not


  2. Monkey Boy permalink
    16/09/2010 13:39

    yes, taking political stance on principle and facing the brunt of the law while doing it is sooo like stealing a dead baby’s identity ‘for a prank’ and inflicting measureless hurt on a completely innocent random victims. FFS listen to it…


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