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Captions please


DPF meets Hillary

And what was one saying to the other?

  1. Dirty Rat permalink
    07/11/2010 07:05

    HRC: George !!, how are you doing ? Havent seen you in years, still living with your mother and starring in Seinfield ?


  2. Mr E permalink
    05/11/2010 14:10

    Penguin: “Plenty of girls and bands and slogans and lots of hoopla, but remember, no politics. Issues confuse people.”

    Joker: “Well, we had to get you into Gotham City without anyone knowing about it, Pengy. Especially Batman. ”

    (authentic quotes from Batman 1966)


  3. alex Masterley permalink
    05/11/2010 09:44

    On the Fa’afoi theme,

    David, isn’t that Kris over there? I met him at Bill’s inauguration!


  4. Kevin permalink
    05/11/2010 07:16

    but.. Hills is not actually conversing with or even looking at DF, he just happens to be there…


  5. tcrwdb permalink
    04/11/2010 23:11

    Thought bubbles:

    DPF: Damn, I got a woody, Cactus is so going to punish me for this…

    HRC: Ha, he’s shorter than me!


  6. Adze permalink
    04/11/2010 22:00

    H: Why Mr. Satyanand, you do look like a New Zealander! I don’t know what the fuss was about…


  7. 04/11/2010 20:39

    If you need any polling done . . .


    • sewardstone permalink
      04/11/2010 21:07

      Tired. I have a curia for you!


  8. sewardstone permalink
    04/11/2010 20:24

    H:-Hey Al, is that you?

    Al:-Of course Hills

    H:-Listen you know your claim to have invented the information super highway?

    Al:_Yeah, of course

    H:- Well I just met the man who runs it! A hobbit in Noo Zeeland!

    Al:- I know him well, horizontally and vertically challenged, calls himself Whaleoil

    H: – He never heard of you, and who is whaleoil? Campbell thinks this is some new NZ energy source we should be controlling!


  9. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    04/11/2010 19:57

    Hillary : I understand you know Kris Fa”afoi

    DPF; I know of him

    Hillary: I believe he was there when Bill did not have sexual relations with that woman

    DPF: You might very well think that, but I could not possibly comment, as Kris remembers a lot of things, real and imagined



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