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Shane Jones approves of shooting mallards


Out with memsahib this morning, Radio Death Warmed Up was too boring, so tuned into Kerre Woodham who was having a chinwag with Robyn Langwell and Shane Jones about current affairs and the like.

Adam was not paying too much attention until he heard that nice Mr Jones opine that he thoroughly approved of shooting mallards, with a shotgun preferably.

Adam nearly drove off the road into a ditch. Then he realised that Mr Jones had actually said mallard ducks, as the memsahib pointed out. But said Adam, all mallards are ducks in the wild,unless they are Trevors, so no doubt Mr Jones was just adding an extra clarification, so that cynical people like Adam do not jump to the conclusion that Mr Jones approves of shooting Mallards (Trevors, that is). (Editor: Shooting is too good for Trevors, they should be hung, drawn and quartered)

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