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Pursuing the Holy Grail


For many NZ politicians, media, business people and lobbyists the Holy Grail has been an FTA with the USA. Now some see it as within our grasp, through the medium of the TPP. Yet Adam suspects that this grail may well be a poisoned chalice.


John Key has said we need a quality deal. Yes we do, but can we get one. We need the P4 to stand with us on this.

Weakness on the TPP and a Clayton’s FTA with the USA, all rhetoric and no benefit will not only do us no good with the Yanks, but will negatively impact our chances of quality FTAs with Russia, India and South Korea. Do not hold your breath over Japan.

Well Obama is not a natural free trader; he wants a political deal, not necessarily a real FTA, after all Australia’s FTA with the US is really a Clayton’s FTA.He wants and needs something to spin at next year’s APEC in Hawaii. Yet real, quality FTAs take years, not months. In addition he does not have ‘fast track’ authority so any deal struck will be subject to change and variation by the dinosaurs now dominating US politics.

So beware Clintons and Obamas bearing gifts;they just might be Trojans and we all know what happened to Troy.

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