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Adam’s Loser of the Week


Tony Ryall, a very successful Minister, on top of his portfolios, who must have offended the gods of jouranlism because he did not get a mention in the DomPost’s roundup of the Key regime’s successes and failures.

Loser, in a light hearted way, but a winner where it matters. A very safe pair of hands.

  1. mort permalink
    02/12/2010 00:47

    The whole ratings thing is actually upside down, they gave that liberty opponent and out of the closet cosial twat power lust top marks. That prick needs to hung drawn and quatered for what he is doing to freedom of speech in NZ


    • mort permalink
      02/12/2010 00:48

      cosial was supposed to be socialist


  2. 01/12/2010 05:53

    Adam – are you not aware of the damage Ryall is doing to the DHB system?
    I’m astonished!


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