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Len Brown’s 100 Days & 100 Projects – a fantasy


A post by Whaleoil on Len Brown’s 100 Days and 100 Projects reminded Adam that Mr Brown had yet to produce any list of these, their aims, cost and the measurement criteria for success. Consequently Adam is of the opinion that the 100 projects do not exist, except as some sort of fantasy.

Brown has to understand that sayinhg 100 projects in 100 days means that we are entitled to know:-

  • what these projects are
  • the objectives
  • the business case – costs, timelines, benefits, value
  • the plan for realising benefits, both qualitative and quantitative
  • criteria for success and how determined
  • the approval process
  • why these are priorities
  • what has been sacrificed to enable ratepayer money to be spent on these ‘rorts’ as without the necessary facts what are we to believe
  • the governance framework

Then of course reality and objective judgement is not what Brown is about. Gestures such as spending ratepayer money on cleaning the Yates Building or flying to Greymouth for the Pike River service  would seem to be his style. What is it with Brown, why is he so secretive?

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