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Cronyism rampant in Auckland


Len Brown, the Auckland Mayor, continues to try and stuff boards with cronies and Labour apparatchiks as this NZ Herald article reveals.

Mr Brown has refused to say anything about why he is putting so many close political allies forward for jobs at today’s CCO strategy and appointments subcommittee and whether Ms Stratton should pay back her redundancy.

The fabled Brown transparency comes to the fore yet again.

Then look also at how someone who receoved $209,000 redundancy moves straight into a 3 year contract in Brown’s office.

“My only comment on that matter is that her recruitment and employment are in keeping with best practice in this area and follows the letter of the law,” Mr Wilson said.

Wilson is Brown’s Chief of Staff. Note the phrase ‘letter of the law

Then this comment from the Council CEO

Mr McKay said the mayor’s office was independent of the Auckland Council and hired its own staff based on employment advice he had provided to Mr Wilson.

Mr McKay said when it came to the Auckland Council anyone hired for a fulltime position after being made redundant from one of the previous councils would have to refund their redundancy.

Two people had been hired back and repaid their redundancy, he said.

As a contract employee the hiree would not be eligible for redundancy.

As an aside Adam does not approve of parties stuffing boards with their cronies, either left or right.

Oh and Brown’s office won’t release detials of his contracted employee’s contract. ANother example of his transparency.


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    07/12/2010 08:25

    You missed two words in your heading – probably the first two:

    As expected. ……………………………………….


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