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Adam’s Hypocrite of the Week


Len Brown said earlier this year:-

“I will always front up. I will give you the straight answers, always with a limit.”

Well he certainly keeps his word.

He failed to give straight answers over the Volare dinner. Truth with limits

Now having campaigned on a platform of transparency, it emerges that the great majority of his election funding was funnelled through a trust so that voters do not know who backed Len Brown.

Again truth with limits and totally lacking in transparency.

Yet the Labour Party, which claims Brown as one of its own, has long claimed that secret trusts hiding donations are a bad evil device which only wicked people like National and ACT use.

So why have the Gaffefather and Philip “Nobody wants me for an electorate’ Twyford not spoken out about this? Well naturally Brown is good only those on the other side are evil. After all the Gaffefather accepted Winston Peters protestations over his campaign financing so is hardly likely to cavil at Browns.

Len Brown is  Adam’s Hypocrite of the Week. Runner Up – Phil Twyford.

  1. mawm permalink
    11/12/2010 18:04

    You never actuall expected their to be any connection between what Brown said and what he does, did you?


    • adamsmith1922 permalink*
      11/12/2010 20:30



  2. Gooner permalink
    11/12/2010 14:29

    Twyford has put a post on it on Red Alert. He basically says Brown had to do it or else he would have lost the election.

    Astonishnigly he says this in the post: Len Brown would have been tying one hand behind his own back if he hadn’t been willing to accept anonymous donations too. The rules need to be changed so there is a level playing field.

    First, the rules are exactly the same for both candidates now and both candidates used them.

    Second, he is effectively prescribing to the Chris Trotter school of politics, that “do whatever you do to win because the alternative is not worth thinking about”.


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