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Goff, the Gaffe that keeps on giving


Truly Phil Goff is the gaffe that keeps on giving.  The latest turn of events with the revelations about his flat in Wellington call into question just what sort of political nous he might possess.

His weak defence of ‘I broke no rules’ served merely to remind people of Roger Douglas and his travel entitlement. At the same time he and his party railed against Bill English over his accommodation arrangements.

Goff’s supplemnetary explanation that the apartment was his superannuation fund merely added fuel to the flames by reminding voters of how some MPs have pension ‘rights’ others can only fantasise about.

Then it emerges that one of his staff perople, paid for by the taxpayer, may be the person helping sell the place.

To cap it all off Goff whines about how this is all a nasty plot by National.

Hallo Phil, just what has Peter Hodgson been up to for months. Concocting plots and smear campaigns. As Corporal Jones was wont to see ‘They don’t like it up’em’ and Phil Gaffe certainly demonstrates that in spades.

Phil Goff time you were given the heave ho, you just do not have what it takes. You are out of touch, out of time and should be out of here

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