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Adam is sick and tired of………….


1 Len Brown and his bunch of troughing cronies

2 Pete Hodgson, Labour muckraker

3 The term ‘boy racer’

4 Political Correctness

5 Those who presume TNVZ runs any current affairs programmes

6 TVNZ having the all to term One News ‘news’

7 Bernard Orsman’s fawning over Len Brown

8 Rodney Hide

9 Hone Harawira and his racist attitudes and constant agitating

10 Matt McCarten and the huge chips he carries on his shoulder

  1. Allan permalink
    20/12/2010 17:09

    It is wonderful to read the blog of someone with very similar views. Keep up your excellent commentary.


  2. mawm permalink
    19/12/2010 20:44

    ‘Police chases’ that are really ‘drivers fleeing the police’


  3. alex Masterley permalink
    19/12/2010 18:37

    You forgot Assange.
    Can’t stand the little oik.


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