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Goffnomics – just not credible


John Armstrong takes a look at Phil Goff’s recent pronouncements and is not convinced.

He suggests that what some are reporting as promises to reverse National’s policies eg on ECe are in fact statements of priority, where the ranking of that priority may render it’s eventuation as actuality dubious. In other words Gaffe is giving people the impression that he has made a promise, but in fact he has not made a commitment as to when if ever.

Let us not forget that Labour is the party that ran a smear campaign aginst Key in 2008 on the issue of trust. yet look at it now, making ‘promises’ it cannot meet .

As Armstrong notes:-

Goff’s reluctance to say how Labour will pay for it all is fast turning a question of credibility into a credibility problem.

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  1. 01/02/2011 17:20

    John Armstrong criticises Phill Goff and Labour?


    Stop the clock!


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