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National Irrelevance Day looms onto horizon


Another year, another so called ‘national’ day. One which is more and more an irrelevance.

It should be renamed ‘National Irrelevance Day”

A NZ Herald readers poll has some 6600 people responding to the question ‘Is Waitangi Day important to you?. 74% say ‘NO’.

it is high time that the government realised that the majority want no involvement with a day when one segment of the population – Maori insults the rest of the country at Waitangi. No doubt we will have to put up with all the usual nonsense of tongues out and grass skirts and the Harawiras.

Of course in Wellington we have to put up with the additional nonsense that a log of wood carved into a canoe, at the expense of the City of Wellington ratepayers, has effectively been stolen by one group of Maori and the council is too bloody timid to repossess the canoe. This after further ratepayer funds expended to fund some building on the waterfront to house said object.

Why do we keep putting up with the insults and appalling behaviour of these people.

If we are to have a national day let us have one that all can join in, not one dominated by rituals of one ethnic group and their racist views.

Waitangi Day at best irrelevant at worst a scab on the skin of NZ. It is a divisive corrosive day, which should be consigned to the dustbin of history along with the treaty which has been interpreted by activist, guilt ridden lawyers to have meaning far beyond the orginal intent and is used to allow apartheid to be established in NZ under a cloak of political correctness.

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