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Irrelevance Day nonsense begins at Whinetangi


National Irrelevance Day kicks off with a leading role in disruptive behaviour and disrespect played by a member of the Harawira clan, as usual. This from the NZ Herald ( :-

Wikitana Popata launched a protest directed at Prime Minister John Key and other dignitaries entering the marae, yelling through a loud hailer: “Why are you here? The enemy is amongst us.” Mr Popata and his brother John Junior Popata, nephews of Maori Party MP Hone Harawira, were convicted and each sentenced to 100 hours’ community work for the 2009 Waitangi assault on Mr Key. “He is the one responsible for stealing our lands and killing many of our rangatahi (young people),” said Mr Popata this morning. “We must become a free nation from this corrupt government… from these injustices that he’s put upon our people.

Apart from the ignorance, the racial hatred displayed is reminiscent more of Taleban fundamentalists than rational thinking people. This annual ritual of abuse of the country’s leaders and others by the savages in the North should be stopped. If these people, the Popatas and their ilk, are truly not representative of maoridom, why year after year are they and others allowed to generate ill feeling on all sides.

Another example being the extortion of media by the TiTi Marae trustees, with notably taxpayer funded TVNZ paying this rampant extortion. Maori TV did not, were they asked to? Anyfees or so called koha  paid by TVNZ should be deducted 50 fold from each of the TVNZ directors fees and 100 fold from the CEO, they are not paid to give into extortion by racist segments of our society.

The NZ Herald calls these events celebrations, Adam calls this event the annual humiliation of the majority by a bunch of toe rags.

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  1. 05/02/2011 15:20

    The man is insane.

    And apparently his uncle approves. Which goes to show how sane *he* is.


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