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What is a blogger to do?


Too late Adam has realised that like Lazarus, giving Harawira and his ilk the benefit of comment plays into their gameplan. Yet their assertions cannot go unchallenged, especially when they are so racist.

What is a blogger to do?

  1. jon permalink
    16/02/2011 06:28

    Find an artist to draw a very mocking cartoon or caricature
    Uni students are (or used to be) very good at this.
    With photo shop there are even more options.
    One has to dent their “mana” and encourage them to waste their energy on nonsense.


  2. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    05/02/2011 22:01

    Yet Labour have done very little for Maori except patronise them and take their vote for granted.

    As for the Greens they fawn over the Maori in the belief they are environmentally sound.


    • 06/02/2011 22:40

      Its not that long ago that Helen Clark was reduced to tears at Waitangi.. and at a time she was strongly advancing Maori primacy in Govt support, and Hone hit the nail this year when he said that if Maori grievances were settled by 2014 that Pakeha would walk away from the Treaty.

      Conversely Key was accused of murdering the ‘bros at Pike River and Labour and the Greens were embraced by the same activists.

      Its all of the same thing.. anyone like Clark back then or Key now who threatens a resolution to the grievance industry is a threat to the Harawiras and the activists.. what would happen to their power and whole way of life without “The Grievance”?



  3. 05/02/2011 21:54

    Goff was well received by all as were the Greens.
    Key, not so much.


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