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Christchurch – Overseas assistance


There has been a lot of comment about overseas help in Christchurch, especially from Australia.

Yet it appears that first on the ground were some 116 Singaporean army engineers, according to today’s DomPost, who were in NZ for an exercise. In addition Singapore has sent further assistance, plus equipment. Yet to date we have seen little, if any, coverage of their very significant contribution. Is it that our media and authorities wish to play up support from Australia, UK and USA at expense of our Asian friends.

Teams have arrived as well from Taiwan, Japan and China

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  1. Alan permalink
    26/02/2011 12:16

    I think it may have been because the Singaporean guys were in Lyttleton getting ready to head South on an excercise.

    No reporters got into town for a couple of days, so that’s probably why we didn’t see them. And we also didn’t see much of the Navy guys in Lyttleton either.


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