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Disaster tourism in Christchurch


Interesting how an article at Stuff Quake death toll climbs to 147 – turned out to be at least as much about the visit of an elderly expat, to the disaster. For some reason this rubber necker was afforded special privileges. Apparently this is because she was the prior incumbent of a position, some person just called Key, occupied.

Adam is at a loss to understand how this person was afforded this privilege as the role currently played by this Key person was never stated.

A policeman was identified by position and name, as were the Fire Service commander and Christchurch mayor. The visitor had their current position given, some UN role apparently. Yet this Key person was never identified.

Strange that!

Frankly it is appalling. Helen Clark for it was she, simply grandstanded, and the authors of the article were blatantly disrespectful of John Key our Prime Minister.

Shonky journalism at best and biased more probably.

Clark could have been briefed without any need to walk about with media entourage, especially as it is clear there is no aid from the UN forthcoming. Is she running for UN Secretary General or to replace Gaffe. Apparently her little lap dog Darren Hughes had alerted her to the disaster by text. Hughes was called a Labour MP in the piece, whilst Key was just Key.

Or is it the case that some in the media still think Clark is PM?

  1. 28/02/2011 18:25

    Frankly she should foxtrot oscar, after all given all their tribulations surely they do not need a visitation from the GLNZ


  2. 27/02/2011 21:54

    You are right, she did not need to be there.
    I guess she is trying to make up for the lack of an official statement from earlier in the week.



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