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On being a Grumpy Old Man 1


Definitely have reached that time of life when being Grumpy makes sense when assailed by the nonsense one comes across all the time.

For example:-

  • at the local cafe this morning parents allowing their children to run around screaming and others to open food cabinets
  • in the butcher shop yesterday parents and their 3 offspring crowding out counter so that it was difficult to just what was available
  • mothers with child buggies blocking aisles inshops and cafes

Total lack of consideration for other customers is the hallmark of these parents.

Yes, Adam could go elsewhere, but he would only be assailed by other similar specimens of so called humanity. Whatever happened to keeping your brats under control and not causing a nuisance to others

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  1. Hollyfield permalink
    27/02/2011 20:21

    You say “Total lack of consideration for other customers is the hallmark of these parents.” Actually I think a total lack of consideration for other people is the hallmark of many people. It’s not just parents. How about the people who stop their supermarket trolley in the middle of the aisle while they browse the shelves? Or people who stop their car in the middle of the street to chat to someone through the window? Or people who stop to chat in shop doorways, oblivious to the fact that they’re blocking access? Or people walking along a footpath and don’t think to move into single file when people are coming the other way along the same footpath? Or people (usually older people I’ve noticed) who feel the need to chat all through a movie? Or people who jump queues? Or the Warriors who train by running along the roads in public parks, completely blocking the roads for cars, even though their is a wide footpath and grass verge only 2 feet to the left?


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