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Gaffe delivers his ‘Please explain’ to the Disaster Tourist



In the War Room, at campaign HQ,  Gaffe shows Dear Leader where the battle was lost

  1. 28/02/2011 11:48

    My apologies Adam – I’m sounding shrill.
    You are perfectly entitled to criticise Clark.
    I’m no great fan of hers.


  2. 28/02/2011 11:35

    Okay … Clark should wander about un-escorted you think?
    She should refuse to speak to the media you think?
    Neglecting her duties with the UN you think?
    Having a dig at every little thing you can think of, I think.


    • 28/02/2011 13:23

      All I did was point out that surely as UNDP Head there was else that she should be doing.

      As I noted earlier I went through a number of hurricanes when living elsewhere in this world. In one instance I had no power for over 4 weeks and limited water. So I have much sympathy for the inhabitants.

      My digs were reserved for the politicians, especially a retired NZ politician.


  3. 28/02/2011 11:11

    The recent-past Prime Minister of New Zealand comes to Christchurch to show her concern and support for victims of the earthquake – I Know! Let’s belittle and demean her! Tee hee hee hee hee!


    • 28/02/2011 11:20

      Actually having been in the past a survivor of a major hurricane in the Craibbean I have a lot of sympathy for the victims and survivors, but none for former PM’s being escorted about and claiming to be there as ‘private citizens’ and constantly giving media interviews.

      In fact I am tempted to ask how is it that she can be here when surely as UNDP head there are so many issues crying out for her attention.


      • 28/02/2011 12:31

        But you would rubbish and put her down whatever she did. As you always have done. You don’t even believe she should be at the UN.


        • 28/02/2011 13:18

          I do not like her and make no secret of it.

          In this case she claims it was a private visit. In which case why the media interviews.

          If you or I wanted to visit we would be told go away, so why should private citizen Clark get the celebrity treatment.

          As far as the UN I do not care, as it is in many respects an impotent talking shop witness the inability to stop the genocidal tyrant Qadaafi


        • Cadwallader permalink
          28/02/2011 17:01

          Poneke: “you don’t believe she should be at the UN” Nobody should be at the UN! It is a complete waste of time, effort and money. NB Is it the UN which has marshaled aid for CHCH? No!



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