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Adam is sick and tired of………


  1. Ken Ring
  2. John Campbell for being even more annoying than usual
  3. World impotence regarding Libya
  4. Christchurch looters
  5. Bomber Bradbury, who presumably is likely to have a similar opinion of Adam
  6. People who write to the papers complaining about 2 minutes silence at Parliament having religious overtones
  7. Jobsworths who fuss  about how the Rangiora Express needs a licence and should comply with the rules of a commercial kitchen
  8. Activist judges
  9. What passes for TV News, yet again, especially TVNZ yet again
  10. Masterchef
  11. Lettuce
  12. Peter Dunne’s hair
  13. The proliferation of race based advisory boards for example Len Brown’s appointment of a Pacific Islands Board and his proposal for an Ethnicity Board. This race based pandering should stop.
  14. Len Brown’s failure to put any substance into his claims of 100 projects in 100 days
  15. So called cricketers like Ross Taylor talking up the Slack Caps and then habitually failing to deliver
  1. pdm permalink
    04/03/2011 19:56

    Stewardstone – go forth and multiply.


  2. Sewardstone permalink
    04/03/2011 11:55

    We are sick and tired of you as well!!!


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