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Hate speech legitimised


In NZ this is now the case.

Why you may ask?

Well the most openly racist politician in NZ , Hone Harawira proposes to form a politcal party to advance his and his supporters views.

What does the Race Relations Commissioner do? Bugger all.


Because Hone is not white.

In NZ today it appears that you can be openly racist and promote such views providing you are not white.

If Adam went out and talked about Brown muthahf##### no doubt Joris De Bres would have something to say. When Hone makes such remarks it is glossed over.

Adam abhors all racism.

The rubbish peddled by Hone and Lazarus is abhorrent. However, Hone steps over the line into the ‘Hate Speech’ category, whilst Adam supports the concept of ‘I hate what you say, but free speech means you should be able to say it’  Hone goes too far as he seeks in this observer’s opinion to stoke the fires of racial division in perpetuity.

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