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Let us count the ways


The many ways, we will be paying for the Chrischurch quake costs.

Let us think about how many, if not all of us, will be paying for the quake costs far into the future:-

  1. insurance costs will rise – the EQC levy and insurance premiums generally as the reinsurers who have footed the great majority of the bill seek to recover their losses
  2. the rest of NZ will have to forgo some infrastructure as funds are diverted to Christchurch
  3. welfare cost will rise, possibly leading to reductions in other benefits
  4. tourism receipts will be down
  5. NZ$ is down leading to higher import costs driving up cost of living
  6. higher ACC claims, possibly leading to higher ACC levies

This is just an initial list.

Adam suspects that many who agitate for more subsidy or levies do not appreciate how we will all be paying, forever or at least a very, very long time

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