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Adam is sick and tired of……..


1 the posturing at Red Alert

2 Bomber Bradbury

3 Jim Mora

4 Preciousness of Radio New Zealand

5 ignorant radio hosts

6 the obsession with rugby jerseys

7 the stupidity of adidas

8 those who fail to accept that people should take responsibility for their actions

9 Kim Hill

10 Hone Harawira

  1. Quintin Hogg permalink
    13/08/2011 19:09

    Issue is probably the better word!
    He has a few!


  2. 13/08/2011 17:06

    In Adam’s absence, the VRWC decided that Bradbury needed an image change, so the VRWC is now refusing to acknowledge his pseudo-urban terrorist issue. He is henceforth to be referred to as Martyn Bradbury, if one bothers to refer to him at all!


    • 13/08/2011 17:07

      Whoops; should read “Pseudo-urban terrorist image”


      • 15/08/2011 15:33

        I hear you guys

        In fact his self identification with Citizen Kane is another aspect I find both disturbing and emblematic of his one view world


    • lovinthatchangefeeling permalink
      16/08/2011 21:55

      Meh. He is ‘Bumber’, the useful village idiot of the leftards


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