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Chris Trotter says: ‘Key deserves second term’


Chris Trotter’s most recent opinion piece for the Dominion Post praises John Key and implicitly accepts that National under Key will gain a second term.

He makes his case on consideration of Key’s achievements in the area of social cohesion. His argument is introduced by recollecting a conversation he had with former comrade Rob Campbell over a meal at that bastion of the under privileged Cin-Cin in Auckland. The context was the impact of the GFC.

“The greatest challenge we will face,” Rob said, “as we go through this, will be maintaining social cohesion.”

It is, perhaps, the greatest achievement of John Key’s first term in government that the breakdown in social cohesion that Rob Campbell feared  and which we have just witnessed on the streets of England  has not taken place on our own.

For this the prime minister merits high praise.

What kept us together was his inspired decision to bring the Maori Party into his government. Had he not done so: had he simply relied on National’s natural allies in ACT; things could have been very different. The Maori seats, for example, would have been slated for abolition. This move, alone, threatening as it did the very existence of the Maori Party (and leaving them with dangerously little to lose) would have tested New Zealand’s social cohesion to breaking-point. Serious political disturbances  up to and including terrorist violence  could very easily have torn this country apart.

Simply for sparing us that terrible scenario, Mr Key deserves a second term.

When even Chris Trotter accepts Key deserves a second term, Goff and the Labour Party are headed for the abattoir.

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  1. 20/08/2011 23:42

    Trotter is implying that this racial upheaval would have happened sometime in the past 3 years, had it not been for Key bringing the Maori Party into the Government’s fold.



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