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Rugrats, lattes and Grumpy Old Men


Karl Du Fresne tackled the subject of children in cafes in his recent DomPost column. He is firmly of the view that children and cafes are not a good mix.

Then Sean Plunket got into the debate both on his ZB radio show, though Adam suspects he might have been indulging in some sly humour. Indeed on his Friday ZB show in the panel segment he provoked strong debate between John Pagani and Deborah Coddington on the issue.

Plunket returned to the theme in his DomPost column yesterday, though not online.

Personally, Adam is of the view that whilst children in cafes can be very irritating, the issue is the lack of parental control and the failure to teach the ankle-biters manners and the norms of appropriate behaviour.

The whole is compounded when parents insist on parking the huge armoured vehicles that nowadays pass for pushchairs/buggies in the path of other patrons.

So as a Grumpy Old Man, Adam requests keep your little Hermione or Rupert under control, (preferably bound, gagged and out of sight JOKE).

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