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Interesting takes on democracy


On Morning Report this morning one of the protestors at Auckland University yesterday was interviewed. Apparently he is vehemently opposed to the voluntary student union membership bill. Ok no problem he is absolutely entitled to his view, after all living in a democracy we can hold different views. It is our free choice.

Yet one of this chap’s reasons was that the bill would cause an erosion of democracy if compulsion is removed. Excuse me, democracy is eroded if people can exercise free choice and not be compelled to join a union!! Since when? Democracy is not eroded if choice is permitted and compulsion prevented in regard to student union membership. Further he went on to suggest, if Adam’s recall is correct that the impact of voluntary unionism at Auckland University had reduced the politicisation of the student body. As if such reduction was an appalling crime against society.

In a democracy we have freedom of choice, not a Orwellian world of thoughtspeak and only the approved view.

However, following this gem, we have the incredible goings on at Red Alert where telling the truth, as Inventory2 ( a reasonable chap) did, rather than complying with the party line, is punished by banning. This compounded by the line taken by Clare Curran when queried. Links are to Keeping Stock, as Adam cannot bring himself to link directly to Red Alert.

Labour then follow this up with Darien Fenton attacking Sir Peter Leitch for having the effrontery to announce support for John Key and suggest a consumer boycott of the Mad Butcher Stores. If Adam was a Mad Butcher franchisee, as Sir Peter has sold his interest, he would be seeking to understand if he had legal redress against Ms Fenton.

Now Fenton and Curran can believe and say what they like, but they have no right to attack and complain in a democracy about other people having different views.

Seeking to demonize those with alternative views, especially in the vitriolic way some on the left are commenting see this item, again from Keeping Stock where he quotes The Standard causes Adam grave concern.

This hatred of any alternative view, the denial of free speech and thought as exhibited by the actions taken and the attack on businesses which might be run by people of different thought is rather reminiscent of what happens in totaliterian, fascist states where demonizing people and thoughts is a substitute for rational thought and debate.

NZ is a democracy with free speech, choice and the right to think and say what one wants, these people seem to want to control our thoughts and speech. NZ is not North Korea or East Germany. Curran, Fenton and their supporters seem to be espousing an extremely unpleasant approach to politics as well as anti-democratic posture.

  1. 27/09/2011 19:32

    Excellent post Adam. Things have taken a pretty unpleasant turn over the last few days. Add Trevor Mallard’s attack on an Otago University academic to the mix as well. Labour seems determined to alienate all its remaining support bases; academia, the league community; even their own supporters are questioning the value of Red Alert.

    Bill English’s inglorious 2002 record could yet be under threat.



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