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A nation mourns


As NZ mourns the premature demise of a favourite son from the RWC, the PM John Key promises that his government will do everything possible to keep this tragedy at the forefront of New Zealanders minds for as long as it takes to bury the political impact of the debt downgrade. If this means that we need to spend yet more money on bread and circuses then we will, promised the Minister for the Dark Arts – Murray McCully. His colleague the Minister for Potions & Spells – Stephen Joyce, commented that we only need to last the next polling cycle and then all will be forgotten. After all, a day is a long time in NZ politics and the media have a very short attention span. TVNZ led all their news bullettins with the impact of the national catastrophe that is Dan Carter’s groin injury, this meant that any meaningful analysis of the reinsurance problems facing NZ will be postponed until after the upcoming election. Minister Joyce welcomed this balanced approach of the news coverage and Minister Coleman, Minister for Mind Control, through a haze of Havana cigar smoke, from a corporate box at the Wellington Regional Stadium, opined that new funding for media might be in the offing. Labour Party strategist Trevor Mallard, asked for an opinion, wished he had been bright enough to have thought of this, but blamed the whole thing on nameless and shadowy UN financiers in black helicopters and the bankers to the new world order who were behind all that was evil in NZ politics and he wished that the nameless American bagmen he used to blame were back on the scene.

Meanwhile in fantasy land, Chris Carter is in Kabul applying his skills to reducing corruption.

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  1. jabba permalink
    15/10/2011 14:58

    Chris Carter is in Kabul .. are you sure about that that, I mean the bloke has form


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