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Absolute Rubbish


Sometimes Adam is asked why he is so negative about NZ media. Well folks here is another example of why, from NZ Herald web-site:-

Gregor Paul: A nation heartbroken at Carter’s injury

A heartbroken Daniel Carter heard the news he and four million other people didn’t want to hear this morning – that his World Cup is over.

Well Mr Paul, whoever he might be, does not speak for Adam. Obviously the fact that Carter is injured is a shame, but the world has not come to an end. The sun will still rise in the morning.Dan Carter is not a god, whatever some might think.

Given that, according to some polls, some third of the nation are not rugby fans then by definition 4 million are not heart broken, especially as a definition of heartbroken is suffering from or exhibiting overwhelming sorrow, grief, or disappointment, inconsolable. Adam doubts that very many are in that state. Does Mr Paul propose that we go into a state of national mourning, fly flags, wear black. Silly Adam, Kiwis wear black anyway at any opportunity for some bizarre reason.

The RWC is a sporting event, an enjoyable event, but a sporting occasion none the less Grow up Mr Paul!

The article if one can call it that, shows the shallowness of the media. The idea that we should all be indulging in some sort of national grief for a sporting injury. This is not Pike River or the Christchurch earthquake. Get a sense of perspective Mr Paul. Yet again an example of the twisted perspective so many in NZ have when it comes to sport in NZ, and the presumption that everyone is obsessed with the ABs and McCaw and Carter.

  1. Phil permalink
    03/10/2011 16:17

    There is in fact, even at 17:13 when I type this, no evidence at all that the sun has arisen today.


  2. 02/10/2011 15:36

    Fully agree Adam. The sooner the AB’s choke, at say the quarterfinals, means we can all get on with our lives and start really paying for this farce.


  3. Cadwallader permalink
    02/10/2011 11:52

    Hyperbolic garbage. The TV “news” people even manage to surpass this type of idiocy. Adam, you are not alone.



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