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Adam is sick and tired of……..


1. All the armchair salvage experts

2. The self righteous Greens with their sanctimonious pronouncements

3. Labour and their back to the future policies

4. Paul Holmes, who on Q&A last Sunday seemed to be channeling the screeching Mary Wilson from Radio Pravda when questioning Steven Joyce

5. National’s sleepwalking

6. ACT and Don Brash

7. Len Brown

8. The pathetic bunch seeking to emulate Occupy Wall Street here in NZ

9. Darien Fenton

10. Jon Johansson and his participation, along with his weird hair, on Q&A.

  1. 22/10/2011 12:52

    Is it the gout again, Adam?


    • adamsmith1922 permalink*
      22/10/2011 17:27

      No, just grumpiness and impatience with idiots


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